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Me in 2002

You know who I am from the home page and my motivation for finally getting off the stick and learning about my family.
I was going to do this as an 'official' blog with the ability to post comments and the like, but frankly it looked more complicated to set up than I want to worry about. I'm fighting a disabilty that leaves me in pretty much constant pain, so I want to be able to keep people informed with the least amount of effort and expense on my part. Hence, this website and this forum.
If you have things to add, just email me or post to the guestbook...I'll arrange these entries by date and try to put a topic in the heading like a 'real' blog :) Maybe I'll even post a listing of 'topics' eventually, who knows?
I'll add the newest post to the top and we'll go from there and see how it works, okay?
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Topic: Genealogy or Life? Title: How time gets away from you
I wish sometimes that there was nothing more to life than working on Genealogy. :) But then, I'd miss the family that I was working on it for. :) Unfortunately, being disabled the common cold and flu and other minor annoyances can have a catastrophic impact on my life.
Family comes first, being with them, loving them, helping them with homework, going to sports events, attending SCA events (the Society for Creative of my other passions!) 
I feel guilty when I look at the folder of changes that I haven't done to my files where people have pointed out errors to me and/or are sharing information that I haven't entered in 8 months or a year :( Or when I look at the subdirectory full of census images that I still need to enter into my family file. 
But then I look into my daughter's face and see a smile because I'm there at a concert, or teaching her to sew, Or I get a sweet, "I Love you, Mom" from a teenage son  that doesn't say it very often. :) Or my husband makes it very clear that he considers me his best friend, and yes, he wants my company on that 50 mile ride into town, even though we do nothing but talk.
So, I apologize to everyone who has to wait on me to get my health together to have enough time to devote to this hobby, and I hope I haven't been rude enough to not let people know that I DO have a file of stuff that I AM going to correct. It's just that my family is the reason I'm doing this...and if it comes to a choice of spending time with them and making more opposed to catagorizing and filing memories for future generations...I'm gonna hafta go with making the new ones.
Love to you all, and I hope you and your families are well,

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