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Fuecker, Ward, & Miller Family

A Brief Family History

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How we all got here...
Marge Fuecker in about 1936 on shortwave radio
Marge Fuecker on the shortwave radio jpeg
My mother as a toddler
For more in-depth histories and historical links:
If you are looking for famous people connected to this family, I have found none. Just ordinary people living their lives and moving and growing, which has been very cool.
But you never know who could be connected if someone gives me just one more fact or name about people that I don't know :)
I know very little about the Miller family on my father's side out of Dodge City and Garden City, Kansas. Or the Carpenter Family from Baldwin City & New Ulysses, Kansas. I have learned that James Elizar Carpenter was a homesteader in Baldwin City as well as being a Civil War Veteran.
My great grandmother on this side was Arthra Agnes Fulkerson and she first was married to William Edgar Messinger, and that is how the Messingers work into the family. The Fulkersons trace their history back to the early Dutch colonies in New England in the 1640's. One of my ancestors on that side fought in the Revolutionary War. I'm still surfing Bob Fulkerson's site to find out more!
But my grandparents on my mother's side were Fueckers who lived in Cold Spring, Minnesota. My grandfather was Col Fred M. Fuecker and served as Provost Marshall in Los Angeles and the Phillipines during WWII. 
He descended from a Mathias Fuecker who immigrated from Preussen, Germany. Mathias' son John Domonic Fuecker came with him to the US and they helped settle Minnesota.
John Domonic's wife was a Kost, who immigrated to this country with her parents. There is quite a bit of information on the Kost family in Bittelbronn, Hohenzollern, Prussia or Germany. These ancestors and the Hingers or Huigers can be linked back to about 1700 or a bit earlier.
My great grandmother was a Fadden and her lineage can be traced back to Andrew McFadden, born in about 1675 on the Isle of Mull in the highlands of Scotland. He was of Clan MacFadyen. (See Tartan.) He moved to Ireland becoming one of the so-called Scots Irish and married Marsy Mallory who died in 1702 in Ireland. He then married Jane Lindsay Lindsey who emmigrated with him to the American Colonies on the ship MacCallum out of Londonderry to Boston 6-Sept-1718. Clan MacFadyen was a sept of Clan MacLean of Lochbuie.  (See MacLean History. See Clan Fadyen History.)
One of the Fadden ancestors married a woman called Grace Liscom and her ancestors include Leonards, Stones, Walleys and the Bacon family in England back to Norman times. Their Norman ancestor was a Grinbaldus De Bacon who came over with William the Conqueror. His father was a Norman named Anechetal De Bacon.
And so the story continues...


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