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The Quest: Blog Archive 8/2006

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Topic: Genealogy Books; Departed Friends
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Topic: Genealogy Books Title: What I Should Have Done First
I've put off posting the entry about how much I miss Hal Prowett about as long as I can. It's time. I've been working a bit on genealogy and getting things together.
I had one startling revelation though. I forgot to do one thing that my father would have said is the first thing you do any time you try something new, or want to learn something. VISIT THE LOCAL LIBRARY!
For some weird reason I was expecting to be able to learn by osmosis from my mother-in-law. I should know myself better. It hit me when I found myself desperately scanning "Learn Genealogy" Websites and I realized I was reading the same information over and over. What I really wanted was that book learned structure I've come to depend on! LOL
So...I girded my really, I at least pushed back my sleeves and headed in to the County Library 20 miles away....Did I mention that I had a much larger library just minutes away before I moved 8 months ago? So...with my daughter at my side (she really just wanted to ride along and check out a book, not give mom any moral support) I braved the task of learning a new library.
The librarians were wonderful and helpful and showed me right to the genealogy and local history section. I was smart enough to ask because I figured that everything I wanted, at least for now, would be pretty much in one place. It was.
A few hours spent in a time warp later...I found 5 or 6 books that looked good. I struck gold with, "The Genealogy Sourcebook," by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack. I'd definitely give it an A+.
Not so good in my opinion, since it covers more the 'whys' than the 'hows' is, "How to Climb Your Family Tree," by Harriet Stryker-Rodda. I did take into account the copyright that was over 25 years old, but it still seemed dated and more than a bit opinionated. There were a few glaring grammar errors that drove my concrete sequential (hubby says anal retentive *grin*)  soul around the bend.
Another good read has been, "The Unofficial Guide to Online Genealogy," by Pamela Rice Hahn. I'll let you know if my opinion changes as I finish it. :)
I'm also working through the About U genealogy email course. and choose genealogy and look at all their options. I'll give an update on that later.
I've gone through most of the online help for beginners at  and it was pretty good and got me started in the right direction.
Also good is the beginning guide at the LDS site.
I'm working through the learngen mailing list set up at yahoo.
And am looking at the BYU self-study free classes at:
I was crying out for some structure! And I've still got 5 or 6 books I'm working through.
The one real "intermediate" book I checked out I loaned to my mother-in-law. I'm not quite ready for it, though it seems to be an EXCELLENT resource and she is thrilled.
For those who are curious, it's, "A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Germanic Ancestors: How to Find and Record Your Unique Heritage," by S. Chris Andersen &Ernest Thode ISBN: 1-55870-520-1
Take care all, Sondra

Topic: Genealogists Title: Dearly Remembered
It's been many months since I could devote some time here. I got the house financing and my family and I moved to a beautiful small town in the Columbia Gorge. The last few months have been eaten up by moving and Christmas.
I'm continuing to stay in contact with cousins; though I have Marth and Ozzie on hold until after things have settled a bit from the move. Ozzie sent me a whole packet of pictures to scan and some were of relatives I'd never seen!
I also had a lucky discovery as we were husband knew where the file was that had the letter I wrote in 1984 to the woman doing the 'family genealogy' that I never heard back from! This was a Schreiner marriage connection of my grandmother's so I'm eventually hoping to track down more of her family. She is now deceased.
But, I do now know my Great great grandmother's maiden name and have the 'family story' to go on for clues! Midwife and physician Christine Schreiner Tarnow was born Christine Von Schömberg before she immigrated with her brother from Germany. I haven't found the records yet, but I have more hope now! Also I have confirmed that the maiden name of my OTHER maternal great great grandmother was Freeman, before she married Thomas Ward. Now I know what to look for in Tennessee, right before the Civil War!
I've had a hard time getting back into genealogy recently though. I lost one of my favorite 'new' relatives just before Christmas to cancer. Hal Prowett, my husband's cousin, had been a wonderful friend and mentor for finding out about my husband's family. I have a hard time doing much on that family right now, because so many of the names of the early immigrants have a story of Hal's running through my mind. Soon though, I need to transcribe my conversation with him and continue on finding what I can out about the Prowetts in the United States.
I just wish we'd had him longer...there was so much still for him to tell us...
Our blessings are with you Hal,

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