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Fuecker, Ward, & Miller Family

The Quest: Blog Archive 9/2005

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Topic: Genealogy Software Title: Update on 9/2004 other's opinions
I'm on a few User's Groups for software. It helps if you have problems and need help. :) On one there was a link posted recently for comparisons of genealogy software. I didn't necessarily agree with their opinions 100%.
I think Legacy's user interface is more difficult to use than others, makes less sense to me as an ex-systems designer and programmer. :) But they work very closely with their customers to try and make them happy. 
PAF is the good, all around, product I've ended up using and entering my data with. I have a palm pilot and they have software that I can directly link to my palm to carry a copy of my file. I really like the convenience of all that data in my little Palm so I'll probably stay with it. PAF's reports could be better, but they have separate report software they sell for $20 or so. I've evaluated it, didn't buy it. It gives you many more options, but I couldn't see that it gave me anything I particularly wanted, or needed beyond the basics their main program already had.
Anyway, here's the review site:
Take Care, Sondra :)

Topic: Meeting Cousins Title: Update on 8/21 & 8/26/2005
I've been busy with school starting and many emails back and forth from Marth Nelson, Susan Duoblys, Mary Fuecker Lundberg (of the newly connected Anton Fuecker/Anthony Ficker least newly connected for me!) These ladies are generously donating information and scans of pictures that you can see in the historic Album section of the site.
I went looking for some pictures to rescan them for Marth and Susan, and while I didn't find the ones I was looking for (I'm hopelessly unorganized!) I found some other wonderful ones I've now posted to the Historic Album. I even found those pictures of Laura Fadden Fuecker and Stephen Fuecker (my great grandparents) that I mentioned last month! And a picture of my grandmother's birthplace; their family home in Hewitt, Minnesota.
A productive and exciting month.
Take Care, Sondra :)

Topic: Collaborating Title: My Uncles found thanks to Marth & Ozzie

Frederick Micheal Fuecker (1925-1926)
My infant uncle

James William "Jimmie" Fuecker (1927-193?)
My Uncle Jimmie who died as a child in California

Marth sent an email today with lots of information about the family. She had found no information on the two boys listed by Ozzie as sons of Col. Fred Fuecker and Olga Ward Fuecker, my grandparents. I was so pleased to see it! These were the names I was looking for and the information to go with the pictures of these two young boys I have from my grandmother.
"The boys" were well loved, but very seldom talked about. On the back of a picture that I now know is of Frederick Micheal it says in my grandmother Olga's handwriting,
 "Born June 22, 1925 Died Sept 29, 1926.   My baby boy--- a real soldier with a spirit that refused to be broken, always happy, loved everyone, met death with a smile.  God bless you son, daddy's boy."

Caption on back of Frederick Micheal's picture

I now know that his younger brother who mom said died in California is James William. Named James after Olga's father I'm sure.  I just need to find their graves, if I can. I've looked at death indexes in both states and obituary listings, no luck.
On a brighter and more fun note...Marth also told me how the Anton Fuecker family fits in! So the Sarah Fuecker I contacted a year ago when I found her email, now knows that their whole branch has a home! Exciting stuff...if I had just clued in sooner that Anton Fuecker and Anthony Ficker were the same person! LOL
Thanks all and blessings, Sondra :)

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