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Fuecker, Ward, & Miller Family

Lost Sheep in Our Family

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WWI or WWII? Is the standing figure Harry Fuecker?
Unidentified men in uniform jpeg
Pretty sure the one seated is Eugene Fuecker, based on other photos of him.
I Doubt They're Really lost, but....
Who had an anniversary or married around Jan 1961?
Unidentified couple cutting cake in Jan 1961 jpeg
WWI --- Which brother?
Unidentified soldiers playing ukeleles jpeg
Eugene Fuecker seated on left? Or Brother Fred in center? I know he played the Ukelele
I sure can't find them, or information on them. If you are one of them, or know of one of them, drop me an email!
I can't find any more information on my grand Aunt Minnie born in Kansas about 1910 or so. I would like more information about her and my Grand Uncle Ed Miller who was born in Wyoming. I'd like to know for sure my great grandmother's maiden name. I think it was Cox. 
Also my Great Great grandparents were James Elizar Carpenter and Rebecca Vanmeter. I know they homesteaded in Kansas, but would like to know more about their life and ancestors. There is a Carpenter cousin looking into this...maybe I'll find out more!
My 2nd great grandfather, Thomas Ward came from England. I have discovered his father, I think, but his wife, Susan was from Tennessee and I don't even know her last name for sure, or her parents. I'm thinking her mother may have been the grandmother Hicks that my mom grew up knowing though?

Someone named "Danny" in my guestbook ID'd this.
This is Olga Fuecker and Clifford Thomas Nieljelski about 1948. Love the hat grandma!

Thanks to Marth and information she got from Ozzie Thompson, I now know for sure which infant's pictures are my two uncles who died in childhood, Frederick Micheal Fuecker and James William Fuecker.
It puts my mind at rest to learn about these two; their story has made me sad my whole life. Thank you both :) Pictures of them are on the Blog page for the month of 9/2005.
The picture to the right of the girl in the stroller. I know this isn't Ruth Ward who was born in 1893 and died the same year. But this could be a picture of Olga herself as a child.
Will the "DANNY" who signed my guestbook please get ahold of me.  Are we related? Do you know where Tommy currently is? How he's doing? I haven't heard from him or his sister Kathy since before my mom died.
K. Brooks that married in Seattle. If you are the daughter or granddaughter of Kaye & Al Fairbanks, get ahold of me.
Cousin Tommy, get ahold of me. We haven't heard from you since before mom died!
Any of Cecile Gillnet's family. I want to know more about your mother, grandmother, grandfather...
Laura Dugan. Her family background. She was my great grandmother and married James Ward in Minnesota.
There are some old family pictures that had no captions. Maybe you can help me identify who's in them?
I'm sure I'll have more to add as I sort through the information in the LDS archives and that information which is on line elsewhere. Currently, I'm more concerned with tracking some of the living "cousins" I may never have met! I've met more nice people that way!
Hi, cousin!
Ozzie agrees with Martha! It's their wedding pic!
Ozzie and Martha say Laura  and Stephen Fuecker!
Martha Nelson believes this is Stephen Fuecker and Laura (Fadden) Fuecker his wife
From Olga Fuecker's collection
Picture of unidentified couple jpeg
Labelled Mac and Me at 1952 graduation. Who are they?
From Olga Fuecker circa turn of century
Picture of blond girl in wicker wheelchair
The nose looks like a Ward feature from Catherine Schreiner.


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