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Fuecker, Ward, & Miller Family

Favorite Family Photos-Page 9

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Here are some more Fuecker family photos from my Grandma Olga's collection. The first picture on the right is the only picture I've discovered in my collection so far of the "Stephen Fuecker children" and a few had already passed away at the time of this photo. If you have pictures of any of these siblings, I'd love copies of them or scans.

Stephen Fuecker with son Frederick Fuecker
My grandfather and great grandfather fishing on the Sauk River I assume, since their house was on it

John Domonic Fuecker
my great great grandfather; photo courtesy of Marth Nelson

Reunion in 1964- the Fuecker siblings
Chet, Sr. Ada, Eugene, Frances, Gertrude, & Clark

Fuecker group post WWII
I can identify Kaye, son Tommy, Olga, unk, Pat, unk, Fred, top row. 3rd from rt in front, Marge


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